Hi-Tec Silver Shadow Original


If there is one thing you can guarantee, its that when buying kit I’m looking at the price first and foremost. I ran my couch to 5k in a pair of Adidas running shoes that were about 6 years old with the sole close to wearing through. So when Andy said I should buy a new pair of shoes to run in – there was no real alternative to dad’s favourite the Hi-Tec Silver Shadow.

I’ve owned this pair for about two months now. Apart from a tough few runs breaking them in (the backs caused some blistering, the arches felt very prominent) they are fantastic at just ‘being there’ and allowing me to concentrate on the run, not my running shoe. The only discomfort I have suffered was in the form of numbness. This has always been remedied by re-tying the laces. Completely my fault though – I generally slip the shoes on and off without touching the laces, so they eventually loosen.

Hi-Tec list the following features for the Silver Shadows:

  • Combination leather/nylon upper for support
  • Multi-density cushioned midsole
  • Heel counter for additional support
  • Carbon rubber outsole

I think that they sell the shoe a little short. They should also note that they are supplied with free laces, and a stylish blue cardboard box for storage of paperwork etc. In all seriousness, these are a no-frills shoe at an extremely no-frills price.

I would certainly reccomend this shoe to anyone starting out with running, even if it is as a stepping stone to more ‘structured’ footwear – I have yet to take the plunge upmarket and don’t intend to!

Hi-Tec Silver Shadow running shoes are available from discount sports suppliers such as sportsdirect.com priced at around £20.99.

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