Why you should always pooh before running

Still with a bit 0f ¬†soreness from Sunday’s Posrtsmouth Coastal Half Marathon and with a shift to do in town, I was up early for what I thought would be a nice, slow recovery run this morning. In a bit of a rush, I threw some clothes on, wolfed a banana and went out.

Regular readers wont be surprised to see a crucial incident missing from my pre run prep… a visit to the bathroom.

A mile from home, I started to feel the first tummy cramps but knew finding a loo at 6.45am in Streatham other than the one at home was going to be impossible. I momentarily weighed up the idea of running back, making a loo stop and what would have been two miles and setting off again but I convinced myself I could sweat it out… quite literally as it happens.

Each step over the next two miles sent another signal to my brain saying ‘you need the loo, you need the loo’ and as I ignored the stiffness in my legs and speeded up the pace to get home quicker, there was more sweat coming from the feverish need to go than the running itself.

Past two miles was a total nightmare… to the point where I began to feel light headed – I was clinching my bum as though I’d just got in to the prison shower with Mr Big and his very big gang.

I finally made it home in time, bursting through the door and frightening Laura and the cats… but I dont think I could have taken another step if still outside.

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Miles today: 3.00
Target: 474
Miles to date: 612.19

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