One forward and two back

I was feeling pretty good after yesterday’s run… hardly any pain at all, which saw me forgo my evening session of icing the bits that hurt: big mistake as when I went out this morning, I felt stiffer than I have all week to the point where I had to leave the on-road route I was going to do and head over to the softer ground on Norbury Park for some relief.

My running shades have come though and I tried them out on the run and they seem to be pretty good. You shouldn’t really run in regular sunglasses, they’ll just steam up, but running or sports glasses have small openings at the top of the lens to stop this from happening. The last thing you need is to not see where you’re going.

I’d looked around and searched the internet for advice and most people tended to think, the higher priced you go, the better the quality. I got a pair of these cheap DHB ones from Wiggle – just £15,99 each and I cant think why people would want to spend any more: they keep the sun out, are lightweight, UV treated and, crucially, non slip. What else do you need?

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Miles today: 3
Target: 540
Miles to date: 706.56

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