And a little bit of good news…

A big thank you to everyone who has emailed over the last couple of days with encouraging messages over the shin splints issue and especially to Maxine Sheppard of ┬áVirgin’s travel inspirations site V:travelled (check them out) who’s put me onto the Bowen Technique – I’ll sign up for a session or two and see if it helps.

I had another sports massage session with Lillian last night and she said, aside from the shin splints, my legs are doing fine. In fact she said IT band, calves, quads and hamstrings were in amazing condition all things considered, so it’s just a case of getting the shins to calm down a bit and I should be okay.

This morning’s run saw loads of drizzle… it’s the kind of weather I like running in, for some reason it makes you feel as though you are doing more than just running and allows you to grit your teeth and plough on, shin splints or not!

Click here for a Google Map and full details of the day’s run

Miles today: 3
Target: 576
Miles to date: 753.07

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