Missing out on day 200

So in the midst of telling you about the day before yesterday’s physio session, I completely missed noticing I’ve now passed 200 days of straight running on the streak – only another 165 days to go.

I noticed this morning that while running my legs felt heavier than an elephants and I am now stressing that the cause of the injury are my running shoes.

I wear stability trainers which are meant to stop your feet from rolling when you run. I’d had my gait analysed about 18months ago and these were the ones suggested to me but stability trainers should really not be allowing me to get shin splints. What if the guy who tested me got it wrong? Depending on whether your feet role out or in when you run you are either pronating or suppinating. I always get mixed up which is which, what if they guy who tested me did too? The trainers you need for each condition are very different and would exacerbate problems….

I’ve a sports massage tomorrow but after, I am going to go and have them looked at again… just in case.

Click here for a link to Garmin Connect for a map and full details of the day’s run

Miles today: 3
Target: 603
Miles to date: 793.09

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