Things will only never get better

After this morning’s run I had my weekly sports massage at Virgin Active with Lillian and told her about my visit to the physio.

While she agreed with what the physio had said, Lillian was quite forthright in her general assesment of my condition. “James, the only way you will totally get rid of shin splints is to rest – there’s no other way out of it,” she said before going on to do a massage that went a long way to relieving some of the pain.

I later went into London and popped into a shop called Runners Need – as I said earlier this week, I was keen to have my gait looked at again. While new trainers ahead of the Brighton Marathon would never be worn in and would lead to blisters, I thought it was worth taking a look at.

I started this quest running in Asics GT 2140 stabilising shoes that worked pretty well for a good 500 miles but when I tried to get a new pair, they were no more and had been replaced with the upgraded GT2150s.

When I entered the shop, I told the shop assistant this and he said a few other people had had trouble with the change. He said the new shoe was not as stable as its predecessor and that they were now recommended only for people with mild to moderate overpronation (foot rolling inwards as you run).

We checked them out on the treadmill using a video camera to record my stride and you could see they are correcting my gait but maybe not enough, I’m still pronating quite a bit.

He also asked me if I had any other problems… I said blisters on the arches and he confirmed this is another complaint people had with the 2150s.

He suggested I try on a pair of Brookes Adrenalins instead and when we checked them on the video again, they looked like they did a better job than the Asics so I bought a pair.

It’s highly doubtful I will run Brighton in them but I was going to change the 2150s after next Sunday’s marathon anyway… I’ll probably just try and break the Brookes in a little early.

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Miles today: 3
Target: 606
Miles to date: 796.09

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