Cheered on by a stranger

So after last night’s couple of beers turned into a ┬ácouple more, the last thing I wanted to do was get straight up and go for a run.

As I was working at home today, I stalled all morning and then, when the afternoon came and I was about to head to the gym, I got a call from my stepmother who’s been alone since dad died four years ago and is in pretty bad shape herself.

Despite having the single lung and requiring regular oxygen and nebulisers, she smokes a good 40 a day and refuses to believe it is bad for her. She had a particularly bad day yesterday and asked if I would run her to the supermarket – naturally I was happy to help.

But what should have been an hour round trip turned into a three hour one. The traffic through Streatham to her house two miles away was dreadful. Then when I got to hers, she’s just switched on her nebs – cue a half our wait.

When we finally got to the supermarket, she’d forgotten her wallet and she wouldn’t let me pay so we had to go back for it.

Her state naturally made the trip to get a loaf, a couple of buns, a tin of beans and 60 fags painfully slow to the point it was two hours after setting off when I began to head back. Of course I got stuck in traffic…

While inching through Streatham, Laura sent me an email to pick up some things for us that turned into another shop at another supermarket near us… Even paying turned into a pain – the woman in front of me entered the wrong pin three times and had her card confiscated.

It was gone 7 when I got home and 7.30 when I went out to run – the last thing I needed. I did start off fast though, running off some of the frustration of the afternoon. At one point I heard a cycling passing: ‘How long have you got left,’ he shouted, obviously reading the ‘3 miles a day, every day’ slogan on the back of my shirt. ‘About 140 days,’ I yelled back.

‘Keep on going then, you’re doing a great job’…. just the kind of thing I needed to hear. Thanks mr cyclist.

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Miles today: 3
Target: 669
Miles to date: 883.52

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