Mileage passes 1150 and getting burnt

So I actually passed 1150 yesterday with a 4.2miler but really didn’t have time to put anything on the blog about it so I’ve just updated the figures for yesterday and left it at that.

I’ve been feeling a little sluggish since I upped the mileage to five miles a day over the last two weeks and have been trying to drop my pace to turn the runs into recovery ones, rather than proper pace ones.

This morning, I again split a five miler with a session at the local Virgin Active which gives me chance to practice on some of the resistance machines that I need to brush up on for my practical gym instructor exam on the PT course which is in a couple of week’s time.

I normally wear little gym gloves when doing weights as my hands tend to callous quite easily (it comes from having soft jobs for the last 20 years I think) but I couldnt wear them this morning.

Last night, I made some pasta and as I was emptying it into a sieve, a load of the hot water splashed all over my hand. Despite sleeping – at Laura’s insistence – with my hand in a bucket of water all night, I’ve still got a couple of nasty blisters on two fingers this morning…

Click here for a link to Garmin Connect for a route map and details of the run

Miles today: 5
Target: 876
Miles to date: 1,155.81

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