Run rabbits, run

We had to be up early this morning to get an early start on driving back to London and so I was out at just after 6am… gorgeous weather for a run, not too hot, not too cold and I took to the bridle paths around Eric’s house with relish…

At one point, I came across a car parked in a remote bit of woods with someone obviously asleep on the front seat, entirely covered by an animal print blanket… I have to say, I was kind of glad the whole Raoul Moat story is over, because I would have been bricking it that I’d found him!

The rest of the run was spent warning the little bunny rabbits in the area to hide. There’s a bit of an infestation in the area and so they were set for a bit of a cull today, so I stamped around as loud as possible and made as much noise as I could whenever I saw one, in a vain attempt to alert there instincts as to what might be about to come.

Click here for a link to Garmin Connect for a map and details of the run

Miles today: 5
Target: 906
Miles to date: 1,214.63

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