Oh no, 10 days left of life before 1095miles.com…

I write from my hidey hole in the back room of the flat. Nursing two achey knees. The pre-1095miles anxiety has well and truly set in. And I’m concerned. No, scared. What seemed like a good idea some weeks ago is finally, and at great speed, approaching reality!

I spoke to a lovely guy called Martin today (from www.timetorun.co.uk) about some 1095miles.com running shirts I’ve ordered. He told me he’d seen lots of crazy challenges over the time he’s been kitting people out in their finest challenge advertising clothing. Martin mentioned the 7 marathons in 7 days and other truly insane challenges that are, in his view, nigh on impossible. It was nice to hear him say that the 1095miles.com challenge was, in his words ”achievable”. “It’s a massive personal commitment, but at least it’s an achievable target” he said. Thanks Martin…

Nice to hear. Achieveable, yes. Daunting? Without doubt! So here it is, I’m going to run *at least* 3 miles every day, for a year. There, I said it. To the world. I’m in and there’s no getting out now.

In an attempt to make myself feel better about the situation, I checked my trusty (not so trusty at present but more on that at some later date!) Garmin 305 to see what I have achieved in my first year of running. 450 miles. Ah. Nowhere near then! It’s been an incredibly long year of running for me with many a set back and a few injuries to contend with. I’ve seen more physio’s than you would believe and have, in great detail, had medical explanations of why I’m not really a runner physically. As I hope you’ll understand, the next year is going to be a challenge in many ways.

So why? Well, those of you who know me already will be aware I’ve been working with a charity called Sense for some years now, leading holidays for deafblind people. The prospect of coping with the loss of my sight or hearing is enough for me to decide that to put myself out for an hour a day to raise a few quid and make sure a few more people hear about what Sense do is a small gesture in support of their work, and one (that Martin says) I can achieve.

Enough of the reasons why I’m personally taking it on and back to the man of the moment, James. I met james a few months back now and he’s a really great bloke. I had been following his blog for many months prior to this as it was a great motivator. There’s a sense that you’re not the only non-runner trying to run and finding it hard work. I think James has made the transition to being a true runner and athlete through the months of dedication and I am in awe of his achievement. He still claims to not be a runner but I think we should all congratulate him on a superb achievement and one which has driven me to keep running and to accept the baton in just a few days time.

I hope you will enjoy following my challenge over the coming months. James will continue to blog regularly too, though I believe he wants a break from running daily for some reason 😉 There is a third blogger joining us too, Damian but I shall leave the honour to him to introduce himself. I also hope you will be able to (geographical location permitting) join one of us for a few miles. I have 365 possible dates available in my diary, it’d be great to have some new people to run with. We’ve also had this crazy plan to try and get the “1095miles.com plodders” off the ground too. If you’re London based and available on a Wednesday evening, come and join us for a few gentle and not at all competitive miles.

Anyway, here’s to (hopefully) another great year for 1095miles.com and give one of us a shout if you’re interested in getting some miles in with us… see you on the 21st… or beyond!


Please support my fundraising efforts for Sense here – VirginMoneyGiving
Thanks, it’s appreciated!

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