Let’s play spot the difference…

Now I’ve heard some seriously conflicting views on how many miles is too many miles for your trusty running shoe. Some say 300-400 miles and then replace, others say 500-600 miles. Now I always thought I was a reasonably light chap and so I’d be getting the higher end level of mileage from my shoes. How wrong I was. I’ve now run about 470 miles in my current Asics Kayano 15’s and was lucky enough to find an identical pair in the sale and in the right size on sportsshoes.com. So, my pocket £60 the lighter and here they are. Let’s play spot the difference between a brand spanking new one and a 470 mile tried and tested one…
New versus old
I’ve been experiencing some sore knees and ankles of late and I think I’ve found the problem. I put on one new one and one old, the difference is obvious. The old one feels flat and in fact not at all supportive on the inside of my foot. I run in a structured shoe because I over-pronate and I can actually feel that the newer shoe is noticeably more hard and supportive on the inside of my foot. A couple of miles spin round the block in the new pair and I’m much happier. They’re a bit hard and the innersole needs wearing in to my foot shape, but the knees and ankles feel better already. 400 miles is the limit now… that’s 3 pairs in the next twelve months at least!

Speaking of ankles, have a look at what Damian has done to himself to get out of our long run today…

I joke, he was knocked off his bike last night by a lady who didn’t look. Poor boy is hobbling around and unsure if he’s going to make the Great North next weekend now. Come on Damo, get yourself right mate… your first half marathon beckons!

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