Running out of time


Bloody hell. So Monday is my practical assessment for my level 3 personal training award, Wednesday I have a ‘training in alternative environments’ workshop all day and Thursday I have two exams, one in Exercise and Fitness Knowledge, the other in Nutrition.

And it feels as though I’m drowning in it all.

For Monday’s assessment, I have to give a mock session to a ‘body’, a lad called Jonathan from the course that includes a host of advanced resistance techniques in the gym.

And so I ran to the local Virgin Active and made myself do John’s whole session so I knew I could teach it properly. The problem is, the advanced techniques see you do some pretty crazy things, four different exercises, one after the other with no reps and heavy weights.

By the time I’d finished, I was ready to be sick – and then had to run home on top of it… As I said


Miles today: 3.01
Target: 1071
Miles to date: 1,487.30
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Today’s run

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