Three runs instead of one

Yes, a week to go and I am now officially starting to go crazy. With so much course work on, I had to skip the long run again today and will have to try and find some time in the week to squeeze an 18miler in.

So what did I do today? Three bloody runs instead.

This afternoon, I was meeting my course colleague Jonathan at the gym where I am doing my practical assessment tomorrow for my Personal Training Course. I knew we’d be doing some treadmill work while there and so I decided on the way to calibrate my new Garmin watch with my Garmin Footpod.

The Footpod is a small oval shaped piece of kit that clips onto your laces, speaks to the Garmin watch and acts like a pedometer to gauge your run when there is no satellite signal… where you are in the gym or some such.

To use it though, you have to calibrate it by running when it is locked into a GPS signal and so I ran from the house to the station to do so.

Then in the gym, after yesterdays’ sickening session, Jonathan and I beasted each other and part of my training was a mini interval session – cue the Footpod coming into play.

Finally, I decided to get a few extra miles in by running back home from Clapham Junction. Total mileage covered for the day? 5.78 – nowhere near a long run but I am battered.

Miles today: 5.78
Target: 1074
Miles to date: 1,493.08
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Today’s runs

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