Stupidest injury ever?

Sorry for not writing more yesterday but I’ve had a pretty full on week what with trying to finish off a host of freelance writing projects, having the house in a tip from the builders and painters who’ve been trouncing in and out and also trying to get another, rather large, section of my personal trainer course out of the way.

Yesterday was a pretty interesting day on the course, we were doing a ‘training in alternative environments’ module and went to the local park and started devising programs with just tennis balls, park benches, a few cones, a football and a few dynabands (they’re the stretchy elastic things). By the end of the day, we’d gathered quite a crowd watching us.

Today I had two exams in the morning, Exercise and Fitness Knowledge Level 3 and Nutrition and Weight Management and, to be honest, I think with everything else going on, I probably bit off more than I could chew by booking them both on the same day. I think I did ok on Nutrition but the other one I might just squeeze through, I might not…. the pass mark is 75 per cent so relatively high.

Having the exams this morning meant I did some last minute brushing up from 5am and so I decided to leave the run until this evening for a change – but first I had to do a chore.

One of the things we’ve had done to the house is have a new kitchen floor laid and we had three packs of floor panels left over and they had to be returned to B&Q for a refund. Guess who tried to pick them up all at once? Yes me, and I’ve either pulled a muscle in my chest or bruised a rib when I bear hugged them to lift them at the same time.

So as well as the sore legs, I hobbled another run this evening with a very sore right chest as well… and the faster I ran, the heavier I breathed and the more I hurt. Roll on the day off!

Miles today: 3.5
Target: 1086
Miles to date: 1,506.65
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Today’s run

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