That’s it… I’m done! 365 days of running

So that’s it. I’m done, free, time to take a rest…. the 365th day of running is in the bag and, to be honest, now it’s done I have no idea how I feel about it – so the wrapping up post will come in the next day or so, after I hand over to Andy and get a chance to let it all sink in.

In the meantime, I managed to squeeze two countries into my final run… We’re in Shropshire for the weekend, very close to the border with Wales and so I decided to there and back this morning. I also realised I was 7.35 miles off running 1520 miles for the year and I like round numbers – plus, why run three miles when you can do seven right?

The weather was quite grey and drizzly when I set off, a slight chill in the air but great running weather. Despite the stunning scenery around here, I had to do the first two or three miles along the A5 as trucks sped past… it was the most direct route into Wales but also there were no turn offs into any of the villages either side, so I had to get to a roundabout.

Once I turned off though, it was all winding lanes, deep valleys and aqueducts – there’s loads of em around here.

Serendipty rose her head again, just as I crossed the border, a song by local heroes the Manic Street Preachers came on my iPod and when I turned back towards our hotel, The Lion Keys, by running along a canal bank, the second to last track on my playlist was I Ran by Flock of Seagulls – you couldn’t make it up.

Miles today: 7.36
Target: 1095
Miles to date: 1,520.01
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