The Last Post…

Well, sort of – now my side of the challenge is over, Andy will be taking over the running of three miles a day and will become the site’s main blogger, while his pal Damo will also be doing a 1095mile challenge of sorts – trying to reach the target cumulatively rather than with a daily run – and will also be chipping in.

After taking the last step of my last challenge run on Sunday

I’ll be popping back on a semi-regular basis to blog about running in general. While the three of us are keen for the idea of an annual 1095miles challenge to be taken up by others (drop us a line if you are mad enough), we are also hopeful to see the site blossom as a place for people to come and pick up and contribute running tips. None of us are pros and everyone is more than welcome to give advice and tips as they see fit.

So while I’ve been blathering on, you may be wondering how I feel now it’s all over. And the answer is, not much different to be honest. In fact, it almost feels a little anticlimactic, almost like when my 40th birthday was approaching.

I am, however – and allow me to momentarily pat myself on the back here – pretty proud of my bloodymindedness in carrying on going, especially in the early days when it seemed as though no one was listening and fewer people even cared. To boot, I’ve raised a fair bit of cash for two charities that are dear to me as well, so that is even better.

Giving up was actually easier than I thought – the knowledge that Andy and Damo are carrying the torch helps. Though at around 11.30pm on Monday night, I was momentarily tempted to go on another run – but I knew that if I did, that would be it, I would never stop. And so, I rolled over and went to sleep instead – and I’m glad I did, I get far too addicted to things some times and this was a good one to give up so I can pursue other challenges instead.

In the meantime until I formulate those – and something is telling me I need to swim the chanenel – I do have a couple of races coming up. My pal David’s boss has pulled out of the Royal Parks half marathon on October 9 and I also have the Athens Marathon on October 31 to deal with. It will be nice to train for races with actual days off and to see if it improves my PBs or not.

Doing yesterday’s first run with Andy was an absolute pleasure and it was so lovely to see loads of people turn up for it. We’re starting the running club from next week – every Tuesday in Hyde Park – it’s a great, fun easy three miler where you get the chance to chat and run at the same time. Please join us if you fancy it.

And on Andy's first run, He's in blue, Im on the right, Damo on the left, both in yellow

Adidas have sent me some new trainers to trial, which should be interesting – they are Adidas Supernova Sequence 3 – a stability shoe which helps overpronators like myself. I wore them the first time last night and, despite them feeling massive, (like I was running in Coco’s shoes), they were actually pretty comfortable – I’ll update over the next few weeks.

As a last bit on the last post, I need to offer some thanks to people, so in no particular order apart from number one:

My long-suffering wife Laura who, despite not giving a fudge about running, has brightly asked how it went, every single time I returned home from a run. That she let me continue my obsession on all kinds of special occasions, including our wedding day and every day of our honeymoon, is amazing.

David, mate, you’ve been my inspiration for years, even more so when it comes to running, thanks!

Ben Maher, you are an absolute star and pulled me through some dark days earlier this year with your comments and by driving me to find new things to blog about. Cheers.

Steve S and Pierre, my other two running confidantes – superb support, you guys are the best.

Ben Moreau, an Olympic standard athlete who let me plod along bothering him with questions on a training run. Awesome.

Our honeymoon South African running club and all at Umlani Bush Camp – when I thought I’d have to miss runs as we were in the middle of the bush, you found a way to get me out and back, safe and sound without being eaten by lions, cheers!

Carl Steer – setting me up for Brighton was pure evil, running it with me was angelic! Thanks for the effort.

Pete B, Irene P, Lucy Q, James T, Will Hide, Duncan and everyone else who came on the Hyde Park runs – brilliant.

Far flung followers Alex and Kelly – I have no idea how you found me, but I am so glad you did.

Garmin, Adidas, Brookes, Maxifuel, Funruntrainer (Check out their new app), and anyone else who set me kit – cheers

And finally and by no means least : Andy and Damo. You are mad. It will hurt and you will want to stop and say ‘not another step’. You will feel grumpy and you will curse the day you took it on and you may, at times, hate yourself and, at more times, hate me – but you grit your teeth and you WILL do it. If I can, anyone can….

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