Day 3 – £18k, Harrow on the Hill and a hacking cough

My Garmin is back! Thanks Mr Garmin repair man. For some reason it now takes about half a second to sync, whereas before it would take a minute. Weird.

Yesterday, I didn’t mention it, but at times, the body felt very heavy and I felt like I was struggling along. Today the body felt heavier than ever. You’ll notice I haven’t made and reference to my perfomance in my 3 mile runs thus far. I don’t intend to. I’m trying to ease myself into the running every day concept as slowly as possible. Stupidly, I decided to include Harrow on the Hill in today’s run. It’s one hell of a hill. It’s also a weird place that I have run through probably fifty times over the last year. It still entertains me that it’s always like a little oasis of calm and security, atop a big mound of grass. The school (repeat after me, in a moderately Orwellian tone, “The School”) own the lot, lock stock and barrel as far as I can see. Sprawling cricket pitches and sports fields. Elegant buildings and houses. As my late Grandmother would have said, “How the other half live, eh!”

Speaking of the locals, to the several people who passed me in the street today, post run; I didn’t die, despite the hacking cough indicating a fatality was imminent. And the guy with the dog in the park, it did rain, a bit. Thanks for the weather forecast! I managed the two miles further…

There’s been some media attention (my local rag Harrow Times linky) and as I know you’re all observant and switched on readers, you’ll notice the rather large error in the headline…

That’s right, they’ve increased my target by a not insubstantial £16,200! Now, *comments below if you please*, should we bite the bullet and make it a crazy target? Damian, you in? How would we go about raising such an insane amount of money? I know that Sense could do with it and it would send ten people on Sense Holidays next summer instead of just the one, but… …eighteen grand! We’d have to be mad!

Anyway, enjoy your day peeps and try and convince me that we should let a typo change the challenge!


Miles today: 3.16
Target: 9
Miles to date: 9.55
Please support my fundraising efforts for Sense here – VirginMoneyGiving
Thanks, it’s appreciated!

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