Day 5 – Cool Runnings

What happened to the weather? My oh my, it was cold today!

Having dragged myself out of bed early several mornings this week, I decided Saturday was for laying in and leaving the run until later. And then I forgot to turn my alarm off and so got up early anyway!

It’s been a long week. I started a new job two weeks ago now and to be honest, I’ve been knackered every day. Spending 4 years being a student and then suddenly having to get back into the 9-5 and 2 hours a day on the tube is a colossal shock to the system! Add to that a crazy daily running challenge and you got a recipe for a very tired Andy!

Twice this week I’ve arrived home from work and felt the desire to go for a run. That’s what I’ve always done in training for events and it feels really strange to have to stop myself from doing so. I wanted to run when it’s light and people are about, mornings are like the world has ended and nobody is left!

Anyway, I left the run until late afternoon and limited myself to the absolute minimum I could do. The legs are a bit sore, particularly the inside of both shins from the ankles up. I’ve had this before and it put me out of running for about three weeks. I’ll be taking it easy for a while longer methinks.

Whilst I was out running today, it was cold, but it didn’t seem to deter the runners. Who are all the runners in Harrow? I need some new people to run and chat to! It seems that Saturday afternoon is a popular time to go for a quick trot around the area.

Whilst I was out today, and trying to take my mind of the pain in the ankles, I was thinking about why I’m doing this. Yesterday I received an email from an old friend of mine, who I met through Sense holidays and haven’t heard from in some time (you know who you are!). The email prompted me to think about my connection with Sense and the fact that, despite what anyone else thinks or says about what I do for Sense, I get more out of being involved with them than the other way round. True altruism truly does not exist, we all need a reward.

In about three weeks I’m off to Coventry (I think) to lead a small activity group at a Sense event for their members. The members event is an opportunity for parents and carers of deafblind people to find out about all the interesting stuff that’s happening. Whilst this is going on, and to enable the parents to do so, we take groups of deafblind people out to do some fun activities. I’m looking forward to the event, I’d like to use it as an opportunity to link up with people and families affected by deafblindness and hope to find a few who run. On top of this though, we will take a group out and about for the day and *enable* them to access activities that are often inaccessible. It’s an interesting situation to be in such a position and to be able to make the difficult things happen for people. That’s what I get out of it, and frankly, it’s more than enough for me.

I was also thinking about doing some kit reviews. I’ve bought quite a lot of kit over the last year of running, much of it quite recently in preparation for the challenge. Most of it has been tested repeatedly and some of it to destruction. In the end, it’s been the comfortable things, rather than the useful ones that have had the most use and I’ve managed to do most of my running on a fairly student friendly shoestring. Watch out for the new kit reviews section, coming soon…

Tomorrow’s plan is for another short run, but I fancy getting a bit further afield, so I might toddle off down the road and see if there’s anywhere else round here to explore. Any suggestions from those of you with local knowledge will be very welcome!

Enjoy your weekend guys and gals…


Miles today: 3.02
Target: 15
Miles to date: 15.62
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Thanks, it’s appreciated!

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