Day 7 – Ouch!

Those pesky ankles aren’t happy. We’re a week in (hooray) but a week into sore ankles. Time for a chat with a certain PT I happen to know…

It’s a Monday therefore dragging yourself out of bed, especially when it’s so cold, is true torture. Made a minor adjustment to the route, in light of the struggling ankles, to avoid the main hill. I’ve discovered that if I squat down, knees bent, it hurts as it’s stretching the inside ankle bits. Maybe I should do that a bit more and get em into shape.

I’ve been running for a year now, but my short run every couple of days or so has always been about 2 miles, never very much more. The jump to 3 and daily has been a big one. I’m looking forward to another Tuesday group run, it’s nice to see a few familiar faces (and would be equally good to see any new ones) but most of all I’m looking forward to giving it 36 hours before the next run. Give the ankles time to calm down and me some time to stretch the painful regions. I prescribe some desk based rest for the day!

Enjoy yours…


Miles today: 3.00
Target: 21
Miles to date: 21.62
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