Day 13 – Indecision leads to circular running routes and meeting Jason Cook

Today, fully aware of the insane rain predicted for the whole day I decided to get out in the morning if the rain wasn’t too bad. I got the three miles done but decided a different direction was required. So, after a few moments of careful deliberation and then some struggling to decide, I randomly turned left after about a mile. It didn’t go well. Some months ago, in the latter weeks of my marathon training I did this and got lost in an estate which seemed only to lead into itself. I couldn’t get out again! Today’s random left turn was more of the same and you’ll notice a little loop to nowhere included in the route. Ah well, more local knowledge if nothing else eh!

Last night Elaine and I went to the Soho Theatre to see a guy called Jason Cook. Jason is a Geordie comic, and a very good one at that. He’s been touring his show “The End (Part 1)” and I happened to see it mentioned in the Metro on Friday. Elaine and I have seen Jason before, with considerably longer hair, in Manchester at XS Malarkey (I really recommend it for those of you in Manchester) and he was really good. His story of a life affirming experience truly is a riot, he’s superb at getting the crowd involved (whether they want to or not) and delivers some great personal experiences in a thoroughly entertaining fashion. Without giving the game away on his latest set piece, I felt the need to meet him after the gig to mention the blog and the challenge, hoping he’d join me/us for 3 miles somewhere along the way. He sounded very interested, go see the show and you’ll understand why! Fingers crossed.

Until tomorrow…


Miles today: 3.00
Target: 39
Miles to date: 40.28
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