Day 44 – Happy birthday to you…

…happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Damian, happy birthday to you.

There. I feel less self indulgent and more like I’ve made sure I don’t forget my own, and my running buddy’s birthday this time round. You’re another year older, and arguably another year wiser Damian 😉

This morning was a tough run. I was a bit worse for wear after last night’s drinks and felt it this morning. There was an element of being a bit sluggish initially and then I got going. I think I was still mildly intoxicated if I’m honest! Since I’ve started running so often, my capacity to drink has gone through the floor and the morning after is a struggle.

Despite a slow start, the run was reasonable time wise. Then I spent a while on the tube (strikes!) and finally arrived at work about a quarter to ten. Tomorrow I need to get a quick three miler in, early, I have to be in town for 08:45. Thankfully the tube strike will be over and I won’t be spending ages waiting on platforms like today. I’m off up north for a wedding on Friday too, so don’t be surprised by an unreliable blogging service and a couple of random runs in random places.

The recruitment of runners for the Tuesday run continues in earnest. Our recent recipe contributor has been clocking up a few miles recently and there are another couple of people I’ve spoken to who may be persuaded to join us. Fingers crossed, we may hit double figures on a regular basis soon.

That’s all for today folks,


Miles today: 3.07
Target: 132
Miles to date: 139.55

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