Don’t use it, you lose it!

So I know it’s been a long, long time… but I do have two super little excuses in the way of our two daughters, Martha and Gracie who were born at 3.53 and 3.52am in the morning on October 21.
Given they decided to make an appearance nine weeks early, the first six weeks of their lives have not been without their stresses: both girls were just over three pounds (1.5kg) when they were born and there was not an ounce of fat on them.
Their premature arrival meant the first four weeks of their lives were spent in hospital at St Thomas’s, where the staff are the Ellis family’s new heroes and heroines… absolutely amazing in their care and dedication to our new daughters and their kid glove handling of myself and Laura who were, naturally, crapping ourselves that something might untoward might happen.
Over the month they were in, I tried to make a fist of getting back to the gym and back to running but it was pretty half-hearted… trying to run to the local Virgin Active, doing a quick set of weights and coming back with a run again. I think I managed to do it twice or maybe three times in about five weeks. Until today, my last serious run had been on the Skins A400 run that Andy and I did and he posted the video up here. Four hours after leaving him that night, Laura was going into labour!
On top of the tiredness of sleepless nights and stresses in keeping them alive – I cannot say how many times our hearts were in our mouths as machines monitoring their breathing would trip off while in hospital – trying to eat healthily was a nightmare. As we were spending some 12-15 hours a day in hospital, it was all crap to be honest. The result is that, despite them being home now for two weeks, I’ve put on half a stone and so this week I have made a resolution to get back in the fitness kick properly.
Sunday, I drove up in the snow to the local Virgin Active and jumped on a treadmill for 30 minutes before doing some weights… I’d not been for so long I had no charge on my Garmin and so couldn’t record my times.
Today I remembered to charge it and took off on one of my old three mile route haunts, down Green Lane in Streatham and back.
The ice on the floor reminded me of the lonely miles I put in last year on the snow days, running like Bambi on ice … but it felt good to be back and good to get some air back onto my lungs.
I’m going to make a concerted effort now to stay back on track of things, I’ve missed the blog and I’ve shamefully left Andy with no support over the last two months – sorry mate.

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