A new challenge and strange things on New Year’s Day

So I know I managed to come back briefly last month, then I did a run of about four miles around Streatham, left my kit on for a while when I got home and came down with a cold that turned into a full-blown bout of tonsilitis…

This week, I’ve finally got back on the bike, so to speak, and have done a few runs around Streatham and have ran to the gym and back a couple of times…. it’s a key time for me to start training again as I’ve accepted a really dumb challenge from some friends: to run the Brighton Marathon one Sunday and the London Marathon the next… with a run between Brighton and London during the intervening week. It means we’ll be doing some 112 miles in a week, two marathons and an ultra!! One of the lads who I’m running with has a daughter Holly who suffers from hemiplegia, so we are running to raise cash for the HemiHelp charity, who kindly helped us out with a couple of pages…

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As such, today I thought I would go out for my first long run in…. well ages, not the best decision, given I hardly slept last night (thanks to our newborn twins, nothing to do with partying). Eight miles sounded like a great distance and off I set at around 8.15 am after the morning feed.

The remnants of last night’s shenanigans were all over – a dozens of spent fireworks, piles of sick being picked at by pigeons, stragglers going home or doing the walk of shame from the homes of people they’d pulled and, in Tooting, one distinctly ugly and unsavoury pool of fresh blood!

I’d not really planned out my route and so ended up doing more than nine miles with the sights on the way giving me plenty of food for thought… while I thought I’d suffer, I now feel pretty good I managed upping the mileage again and don’t, thus far, seem to be suffering too much from the after effects of it… Now I just have to get up to 50 miles in training!


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