Asics Gel Kayano 15

Ease of use
Value for money

To say I swear by these running shoes would be an understatement. I’ve probably run best part of a thousand miles in the Asics Kayano range now. Granted they’re not the cheapest option in a structured shoe. In fact, by Asics standards, they’re virtually top line. But you can get deals on them, especially as Asics release two colourways per year and the old one is usually on sale. Try for cheap options, that’s where I get mine from.

I’ve now gone through two pairs of Kayano 15’s and so naturally went for the Kayano range again, instead the 17’s as the 15’s are so old they’re no longer available. The 15’s sport a wonkey asymmetric lacing pattern. Ignore the bumph, they lace up in the same way any other running shoe does, it makes no discernible difference in my opinion. If you check the reviews on the Asics website, you’ll see a good few people complaining they’ve worn through the mesh on the toe box. 450 miles in each pair of 15’s and this was never a problem for me, I imagine that’s quite conclusive proof it’s not the trainer that’s a fault, nor the asymmetric lacing pattern.

They seem to wear well, in both senses. They offer a strong heel cup and adequate cushioning and support for the over-pronator. I find them to be a good sturdy fit and with a little tinkering with the lacing you can adapt them to your liking. (Again, I refer you to, have a look at their lacing advice page, it’s very good)

Having put about 450 miles on the first pair, I compared the used pair with a new pair and there was a startling difference in the support offered by the new shoes. I personally think they’re good for about 350 miles before you should think about replacing them. Not due to sole wear, due to the support structure breaking down, as I have found.

Here’s the comparison blog post if you’d like to have a look…

To sum up, they’re pretty much top line structured running shoes. But they’ve been intensively tested and stood up to the daily battering admirably. I think that says a lot about the quality of a shoe.

You’ll notice I’ve said nothing of the style of the shoe, or the colour. Running gear is primarily functional when you’re running daily. They look good for a running shoe, that’s about all I can say. Oh and they have some sparkly reflective bits, which are, well, reflective essentially. Pretty good eh?

Verdict: Thoroughly recommended, especially if you can get them. Long lasting, well made, good fitting running shoes for the more discerning [and wealthy] runner 😉

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