Exped Waterproof Fold Dry Bags

Now, these may seem like an odd item to review on a running site, but I felt like I needed to expound the virtues of what has turned out to be such a useful product. A couple of years ago I was kindly given a few, in a range of sizes, prior to a five day cycling expedition. They were a godsend for packing large amounts of clothing, squishing the bag down and then rolling it up into the smallest volume possible to fit the maximum stuff in my panniers.

Since I’ve started running though, I’ve discovered a new use for them. Keeping smelly running gear under wraps! I have a large one for my running shoes, enabling me to have them in a bag under my desk without turning everybody’s noses up. They also mean I can stuff all my used running gear into a bag and seal it, using the roll top closure, until I am home and ready to shove it all in the washer. It stops everything in your bag developing the odour of damp used running gear. Magic!

Verdict: As it turns out, they cost a small fortune, at around £20 for a set of four in different sizes, but in my view, they’re worth every penny. Go buy some, now!

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