Day 121 – Commuter Hell Again

Remember the day last week when the train was full enough for some guy to end up resting his bag on my head. Well, thankfully it isn’t quite that bad today, but I’m on the same packed commuter train. The ankle/achilles/the bit at the bottom of my calf feels just as tight this morning. In fact, without a group of people to set a pace and with the wonky pavements around here, running on it is not pleasant this morning.

Banana and coffee in hand, I’m camped out by a train door again, amongst the be-suited individuals, on their way to the treadmill of life at their respective offices.

This evening I’m off for a couple of beers with a few colleagues, so the run only fits the morning. Tomorrow is much more difficult though, I have to fit the run into the *early* morning. Over the next two or three weeks I’m out and about all over the place and have actually had to plan where and when I *can* run, to the point of noting it in the diary as it’s so tight!

There’s a half coming up, I may have mentioned it 😉 The plan was to try and run over the distance prior to the event. I’m scrapping that idea in favour of resting up, with the hope that I will actually make it to the event at all. It’s looking more than a little questionable, to say the least, given the current…dare I say it…injury situation. Not sure I actually want to label this as an injury, that makes it an issue. Maybe we’ll call it a mild discomfort for now. Yes. That’s better.

Anyway, a bit more stumbling at the other end and we’re 121 days down. I’m designating it the ‘a third of the days’ milestone tomorrow. I have to make that now don’t I!

Enjoy the day. Expect poor blogging service for a couple of days now, life’s busy. I have a couple of reviews to get up, too.

It’s nearly the weekend…


Miles today: 4.20
Target: 363
Miles to date: 418.70

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