Day 122 – A Third of the Way ‘Groundhog Day’

There it is. 3.5 miles more. A third of the year under my belt. That’s quite good. Right?

Strangely, randomly my mind turned to the film Groundhog Day today. I remember the image of Bill Murray as he’s woken, again, by his alarm clock, the realisation hitting him that he’s stuck in one simple perpetual loop of life.

This morning began with my daily wake up call. The usual fight with myself, to get out of bed, or not. Then the ‘oh no, now I’m late and I’ll have to rush’ panic moment. Then a frantic throwing on running gear and running out of the door, followed by 3.5 miles, slowly today, left knee still making it’s presence (and protestations at the idea of running again) very clearly known. Then a quick shower and throw on a suit and off to the station. Frankly, this is my ‘every day’ now and I’m feeling a bit like Bill Murray. It’ll be nice to do something different tomorrow, believe me!

Last night I was discussing the challenge and my progress so far with a colleague, Simon. This was the beginning of Groundhog Day thinking! He asked how it was to just run the same route over and over again. I explained that generally I don’t do this, but looking at the blog last night, an outsider would be forgiven for thinking that was the case. The route maps from most of the last couple of weeks running look identical! Even the distances are virtually the same too, though that’s more because the leg is in a bad way and I’m running the ‘New Year’s Resolution’ enforced minimum of 3.5 miles.

Brushing my teeth this morning, my mind was pondering new routes, or even old ones I haven’t done for a while. It’s been an unusual couple of weeks as I haven’t ‘been anywhere’ for a short while to be able (or forced, depending on your view) to run in different places. All change… The next 3 weeks will see me all over the place, further afield than ever before (in the last 122 days!) and hopefully see me run my longest day so far in the challenge.

I’m looking forward to the Half. It’s my first event within the challenge and it’s in a place I’m happy to be visiting again. I’m not at all sure of my physical ability to complete it though. The knees are not in a good way, the achilles is bad too. I’m concentrating on resting as much as is humanly possible for the next nine days to improve my chances. That’s a scary thought. I have nine more runs, 31.5 miles more to cover until I try and run 13.1 miles in one go. I haven’t run a half since the Great North, back in September. I’d like to get a 5-8 miler in over the next week, but I’m too concerned about the potential injury to insist on it. Maybe I’ll just do the minimum and cross my fingers on the day.

Anyway, at the risk of writing another terribly long blog post, there’s one more thing I want to talk about.

The marathon schedule has been successfully ignored for another week. I know if I look at it, it’ll only annoy me that I’m failing to hit the required mileage. It’s safer, psychologically speaking, to disregard it for the moment and plod on. Returning to Brighton for my second, and the second running of it’s marathon will be a big event in my life. I’m hoping to preserve whatever running ability I have, and try not to ruin myself before April so I can run another marathon. I never thought I’d do that. That’s what runners do and I’m not one. Anyway, that’s the big one this year and I’m really looking forward to completing it.

That’s it, I’m signing off for another day. You must have had enough of my ramblings for the day. Have a great Thursday, keep running…


Miles today: 3.50
Target: 366
Miles to date: 422.20

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