Day 123 – The second ‘third of the year’ begins with meeting running legend Steve Cram

Just when I was beginnning to hate myself for agreeing to this. Just as I was revealing the Groundhog Day feeling. The moment I mention that my life has become one long run interspersed with work and, if I’m lucky, a bit of life outside running… Something appears that sets me back on track in an instant.

Yesterday morning I headed into work, knowing I was off to an event at 10am. I had few clues as to what was involved in the event, and little did I know that my downer about the running challenge was going to be sorted out in an impressive fashion. “.Andy meets Steve Cram

There was to be a special guest in the morning session, which turned out to be none other than running legend Steve Cram. Now, having been wondering how I was going to manage the next third of the challenge, another 4 months, another 122 days running yesterday morning, it was interesting to hear Steve. He said that getting out of bed every day to run 5 miles, as an athelete in training would do, is often not at all exciting and regularly very difficult. So it’s not just me then!

He also mentioned a comment from a running coach he knew in response to an athlete having a bad day. “One day doesn’t matter, but every day does”. Having run no less that a hundred and twenty three days, many of them ‘one days’, off days that don’t matter, I think he’s right. I’ve had a few very off days recently, many of which have left me thinking I’ve underestimated the challenge of running every day. But, in the end, a few off days isn’t a year. Running every day is what matters, as that’s the challenge I have set myself.

Speaking to Steve after his talk, he reminded me that no matter how bad I felt, running every day is tough going for anybody. Even athlete’s take time off. I asked him for two things whilst I had the opportunity. The first was a photo to post on the blog. As you can see, there is one… The second was to ask if he’d be prepared to run with me at some point and he said yes! I’m looking forward to running with someone famous, finally. The opportunity to get some tips and talk to a real runner will be fantastic and hopefully it’ll give the blog and the fundraising the boost it needs to get to the huge target! Steve, I look forward to hearing from you.

Today is also an interesting day. I’ve finally begun to mention the blog to people a bit closer by. The fact that I’ve now run every single day for a third of the target year, that and the ankle/knees seem a bit better today has meant I think it’s time to start really spreading the word and trying to chip away at that £18,000 target I’ve set. Spread the word, if you will. Join us for a run, if you’re able. Sponsor my challenge if you would be so kind…

That’s about all for now, more tomorrow no doubt! Enjoy your weekend…


Miles today: 3.60
Target: 369
Miles to date: 425.80

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