Day 125 – Should I Find A Dog To Tie My Garmin To?

I was invited for a lovely dinner last night where my silly, obsessive running problem came up in conversation. I was trying to explain why I’d taken on the 1095miles challenge and was asked how I would run a marathon as part of it, being that the 26 miles just counts as another day. That and the more important fact I would still have to hit 3 miles the very next day (3.5 now actually, damn). It was suggested that I should just tie the Garmin to a dog and not mention it to the world… Thanks Angela.

So, I didn’t tell you, right?!? 😉

Lots to do today, sadly. I wanted to just relax for once, but the hassle of life is getting in the way. Morning run and then off to play boiler repair man.

Enjoy yours,


Miles today: 3.50
Target: 375
Miles to date: 433.55

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