Day 126 – Commuting’s frustrating

I’ve never been a long distance train commuter until very recently. Did I mention I hate it? Anyway, let’s talk about the run…

Back to the ‘burbs today. A not so quick run around the familiar route of recent weeks. The only thing of note is that I passed some temporary traffic lights that I noticed last night weren’t working as someone has pushed them over. They are unsurprisingly not working this morning either. Other than that, 3.53 miles done, uneventful, nowt to report.

This week is a logistical nightmare, what with a half marathon at the weekend in… let’s reveal it finally… Barcelona! I’m out and about a bit this week meaning I’m on a train this morning with all my running gear and a couple of spare shirts to see me through the next couple of days. This is the week I’ve ended up with diary entries for when the runs fit into my schedule! Little did I now when I started this challenge that life would get *so* busy I would have to plan when in the day I can run and have enough time / the necessary gear with me to do so.

So, in anticipation of being away this weekend, I will warn you now of impending poor blogging service from Thursday on. Whether I’ll have internet access available to allow me to edit the blog is questionable and I certainly won’t be uploading the Garmin data until beyond the weekend. I’ll try and keep the blog up to date as much as I can.

Tuesday run tomorrow, see you there…


Miles today: 3.53
Target: 378
Miles to date: 437.08

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