Day 128 – The A400 run AGAIN!

So after the debacle of last night’s train delays, I find myself roughly at the start end of the Skins A400 Landmark Challenge yet again! Just shy of 36 minutes later I’d done the 4.3 miles to Trafalgar, thought I have to report, it wasn’t ideal conditions. There is some serious building work going on a centre point so overall there are a good 2-3 minutes of waiting at traffic lights and general confusion around the CP area too. Shame, but I was in no rush anyway, having promised myself no running heroics this week in the lead up to the half.

5.2 miles down, I’m left with the realisation (and I know the deal was never to beat the target mileage by as much as possible, but as was pointed out today by a colleague, I have a certain competitive streak hiding *just* below the surface) that I am now over 60 miles ahead of the target mileage. Not bad, that’s half a mile a day, roughly over the first third of the year. I’m hoping it’ll start to ramp up soon, given the marathon looming in the near distance!

Damian and I were planning to get a practice half in, about 5 weeks from now. The suggestion is to do the first half of Brighton (yes, I know, that’s the hilly bit of course!). Anyone care to join us?

As threatened, blogging will be hit and miss for a few days now. I’m on for an early run tomorrow morning then throwing the running gear into my bag and heading into town. Barcelona here I come…

Enjoy Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, just in case I can’t get to you in the meantime.

Say Hi if you see me in Barcelona (I won’t bite). I’ll be running EVERY DAY as usual and will make sure I have the 1095 t-shirts on for the occasion.

Have a good one,


Miles today: 5.20
Target: 384
Miles to date: 446.05

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