Long time, no see…

Congrats Andy on passing 500 miles and on his 150th day of running today… stellar effort and I thought you’d never keep it up!

So what have I been doing in the meantime? Well… looking after the twins and trying to work a couple of days a week from Chester mainly, which is why I’ve also missed the Tuesday runs… though I’m hoping to persuade everyone to change that to Wednesdays, in which case I can come back out to play.

Other than that, I’ve been trying, rather unsuccessfully to train for my other challenge, Brighton Marathon, Brighton to London run on one day (52 miles) and London Marathon the following Sunday.

I’d started off okay, got some new trainers, the new version of Brooks Adrenalins which I’ll get round to reviewing this week and had started upping the mileage again.

I’d got up to two runs in a weekend, one of 15 and one of ten when after one Sunday about three weeks ago on the former, I came home to find Laura needing some help, so without cooling down or stretching, I jumped straight into baby duties.

The next day, I was a little sore but thought I could run it off in a few days, so the following Friday, I went out and did 19 miles… oh yes James, well done, bloody great idea. By that afternoon, I couldn’t walk and couldn’t for the next five days… I mean seriously limping around here dragging my foot behind me when I wanted to go anywhere couldn’t walk.

The services of Lillian, my sports masseuse from last year, were called back into action and after some serious drawing of air over teeth, she concluded the tendon fascia that joins the muscle to the bone was being pulled away and advised… yes, the dreaded rest.

The week after, I gingerly tried to go out and got a mile from home before giving up in pain… I was hobbling so much I would only have managed to do more damage to the other leg and took another week off with ice and lots of ibuprofen.

Sunday last, I went out and managed to do six miles with not too many problems, although I was going sloooooooooooow. Welcome back to the world of 11minute miles! And I went to see Lillian again this week who has given me the go-ahead to start building up again.

I was going to run into the Express where Im working today and back, it’s about 14 miles in total, but I’ve now got a stinking cold so have decided to bus it instead.

Hopefully, I’ll be back on the road tomorrow.

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