Day 201 – The pre-marathon 3 miler

So, we’ve made it this far. The big one is tomorrow. By the afternoon, somewhere around 10,000 of us will have finished another marathon. Hopefully.

I headed down to Brighton this morning as early as I could get my ar$e out of bed. I was sat outside a certain well known coffee house next door to the Brighton centre by 09:15. Then all of a sudden a queue appeared. I figured it’s be a good idea to get in it, it is the national sport, after all! They had a couple of 118 men doing some comedy stretching and poses to keep the crowd happy. As I was standing there minding my own business, I recognised someone about 50 yards away. There’s a story to this guy…

350 odd days or so ago I was standing at the start of the inaugural Brighton marathon. The start was delayed. I got chatting to the bloke next to me. His name was Keith. Keith and I proceeded to claim to want to run about the same time, 4h30 ish yet set off in totally different ways. We met and passed each other repeatedly throughout the marathon and offered support and motivation to each other each time. Then at 24 miles Keith overtook me again. I was dying by this point, nothing left in the tank, I struggled to muster a little more pace (frankly barely above walking pace if I’m honest) and catch him up. As I caught him I said I’d race(!) him to the line. We crossed a couple of seconds apart.

Anyway, standing in the queue, I spotted Keith again. I said “It’s you!” and he said “It is, we finished a marathon together a year ago!” (He’s the guy to the right of me in the picture, in the green singlet). A great start to the morning and a good opportunity to reminisce about nearly killing ourselves last year!

We both made a bee-line to the priority entry for 2012 desk and coughed up our fiver each (and I got one for Damian too). I then had a look around at the running gear the stalls were trying to sell. I tried on a pari of Vibram Five-Fingers (Google it if you don’t know what I’m on about) and came to the conclusion they are a weird thing to wear but could imagine you’d get used to them fairly quickly. As for running in them? I’m still far from convinced but would happily try!

I then met Steve Cram again. Looking forward to meeting him at an event in the near future…

Next was to check into the hotel and get myself out for the day’s run! It turns out the hotel had a few goodies for any customers who happened to be running in the morning.

I overdid it on the distance, not great the day before my biggest event of the year, and ran 3.5 miles along the seafront. It was HOT!

Wandering about the town we spotted this –>
What was it doing out on it’s own? 😉

We walked the seafront in the afternoon to see what was going on and how preparations were progressing for the event in the morning. Here is the target for tomorrow (and a bit)…

Later this evening I decided to review a couple of energy gels I’d managed to pick up at the Marathon Expo earlier.

I’m used to Lucozade Sport Orange energy gels. You buy ’em in Tesco, they’re really cheap, small packs and I think pretty easy to use (though Damian hates them!). They are like syrup in a reasonably strong orange flavour and I find if you just squeeze the contents of the pack in as fast as possible and down a mouthful of water after, they work well. They’re 45g a go and give up about 125 kcal each.

Today I’ve abused my body with the following two alternatives, both in orange flavour…

Multipower Multicarbo Energy Gel
These are little 40g sachets that pack 104 kcal in. The tops rip off easily and the taste is a bit like the lucozade ones but stronger. They were good, I’d happily use them again.

SiS Go Gel
I have once again got my hands on an orange flavour one. First impressions are ‘how the heck do you get the top off?’ as I struggled to get into the sachet. Not a good start. They also taste a bit like the lucozade ones but watered down. And then I felt a bit sick. Not for me I’m afraid. Want to hear the worst bit? They’re 60g a sachet and only 86 kcal. Bigger, heavier and inefficient compared to the other two options above.

Injury update: The shoulder is still giving me grief. The crazy anti-inflammatory pills are obviously doing some good, but I have to report the adverse effects of taking them are not compatible with running. I suspect I’ll be starting tomorrow’s run with something to block things up!

Now time to go and rest.

Today’s quote is the most appropriate I could find…


Today’s shoes: Newish Kayano 17′s
Miles today: 3.50
Target: 603
Miles to date: 764.93
“No doubt a brain and some shoes are essential for marathon success, although if it comes down to a choice, pick the shoes. More people finish marathons with no brains than with no shoes.”
Don Kardong

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