Day 210 – Don’t Wee in People’s Gardens!

Another three, early today. I’m off out after work and so had to get the run out of the way today. I took it easy and it was uneventful, thankfully!

I say easy, I mean I didn’t really, by the end. I sort of aimed for breaking 24 minutes. I held a roughly 8 min/mile pace throughout. As I approached 2.8 miles, I noticed the time was coming up to 23:20, wow how did I lose so much time? I ran for it. 2.90 miles, 23:45… 2.97 miles… 22:59… What? Fool! I’d misread the time in my bleary eyed state and finished in a few seconds over 23 minutes. I should probably go back to bed!

Damian kindly sent me a link to this image last night. It’s in response to the fact I told him I dashed behind a garage off a side road last year during the Brighton marathon…

I'm sorry, ok?!?!

I'm sorry, ok?!?!

…And yes, that is a Virgin London Marathon Logo in the corner 😉 I particularly like the fact that the flowers are drooping. Maybe they need watering?!?

Whilst we’re on the subject of marathons, and it is the subject of the moment after all… The statistician in me found that 3450 people crossed the line of a certain big marathon yesterday in a time equal to or better than mine last weekend, out of a field of approximately 35,000. That’s about 10% and much better than I expected. In brighton I was just outside the top 5% (5.1% IIRC!).

And finally, I think James has totally lost the plot. In his unending quest to punish himself to within a nanometre of his own existence, he emailed to share his latest harebrained idea. He sent Damian and I this link and asked if we were interested.

Anyone else? I’m somehow not so keen :roll:

Enjoy the qotd marathon runners!


Today’s shoes: Newish Kayano 17′s (~135 miles)
Miles today: 3.00
Target: 630
Miles to date: 815.56
“Some people endure pain better than others. All things considered, the ability to withstand—or even deny—pain would seem to be a valuable ally for the long distance runner in search of significant improvement. In truth, it is probably a double-edged sword, since medical experts tell us that pain is the body’s warning signal to back off, and that to ignore such schedules is to roll the dice with both body and mind.”
Mark Will-Weber, The Quotable Runner

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