Day 249 – My legs ache but at least the sun’s shining!

27 miles already this week and unsurprisingly my legs really ache now. It’s been a big week and so I’m taking a couple of days to relax a bit before Monday’s Bupa 10k. I’m very tempted to do the Frimley Lodge Park Parkrun tomorrow morning at 9am. If you see me there, I gave in!

Current moaning and whinging centres upon the quads and more generally the legs. The ankles are a bit funny at the moment, but I think the body is dealing well considering the significant increase in mileage over the last fortnight.

I’ve also realised something quite scary. My guidance for my marathon schedule (which hails from the marathoner’s bible ‘Advanced Marathoning’) is 18 weeks long. I’ve just turned to the calendar and added each reminder in for the weekly countdown and something surprising happened. 17 weeks to go i.e. the day I start the 18 week training program is only a week on MONDAY! Oops.

Total mileage anticipated for this week: 33+ miles

Proposed Marathon Training Schedule Outline…

Weeks to
go to race
Single Run
This Week
17 33 miles 12 miles
16 36 miles 13 miles
15 40 miles 14 miles
14 42 miles 15 miles
13 45 miles 16 miles
12 37 miles 12 miles
11 50 miles 18 miles
10 54 miles 20 miles
9 48 miles 16 miles
8 43 miles 14 miles
7 55 miles 20 miles
6 51-55 miles 17 miles
5 52 miles 18 miles
4 49-53 miles 17 miles
3 52 miles 20 miles
2 43-45 miles 16 miles
1 32 miles 12 miles
RACE WEEK! 22 miles
the marathon!)
7 miles

Scary eh!

To Parkrun or not to Parkrun. That is the question!

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Today’s shoes: The newer pair of Kayano 17′s
Miles today: 3.01
Target: 747
Miles to date: 961.06
“When the sun is shining I can do anything; no mountain is too high, no trouble too difficult to overcome.”
– Wilma Rudolph

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