Day 342 – Long run for me, a shorter one for Mo…

Well done to Mo Farah on his performance in the 10,000m at Deagu, South Korea. I really thought you had it there, but those pesky Ethiopians really can run 😉 Silver is a superb achievement, especially for a Brit!

Anyway, here’s what Mo had to say after the race:
“I saw with 100m to go he was there but my legs just couldn’t give me any more,” said Farah. “I thought I had the speed to win the race. I ran a 53-second final lap and I gave it 110% but it just wasn’t enough.”

When asked if he had sprinted for home too early, Farah added: “I don’t think so. Not really. The better man won on the day – great credit to him. I always wanted to go with 500metres, 400metres to go. That’s my best tactic.” (Source:

On the other end of the running spectrum, and of course spurred on by my fellow countryman’s exceptional effort on the other side of the world, I went out for a run myself. Now, I’m conscious I’ve effectively taken three or four weeks off and frankly was scared of what might happen if I ran long again without any build up. Chatting to Nick S from the club the other day, he was boosting my confidence by suggesting that the stamina and the strength is there and won’t just disappear in such a short time. I was hoping he was right.

I decided to ignore the marathon schedule this weekend and head out for a 20 miler, just to see if I could still hack the big miles. It’s been weeks since I ran anything like this long and it was always going to hurt.

I went off for the first few miles at a comfortable pace and felt ok. By 6 it was really starting to hurt. Everything below the waist was aching, not a good start and barely over the quarter distance mark.

A brief but torrential shower on the way towards Macclesfield did nothing to lighten my spirits. At least the lack of anything but a single layer meant I dried out pretty quickly. Turn around, head back to the start and I should hit about 13 miles, just another seven.

At 12 miles a realised I was on for a good time. In fact I was on for breaking my Wilmslow Half time. That’s my PB for 13.1 miles at 1h36m30s. It’d take a little bit of a push to do it, but I gave it a go and crossed the 13.1 mile point at 1h33m54s.

Now obviously my annual venture north for the Great North Run is fast approaching and I am keen to see what I could do over a half marathon distance by then. I think it’s about time to start taking bets on my time. Anyone care to throw their predictions into the mix? I’ll find a plugin for the blog and we’ll get your guesses set in digital stone prior to the event…

Having set a good time for the first 13, the latter 7 hurt way more than was ever needed. As I finished and stopped running my legs gave way a little and I nearly fell over. Walking suddenly felt wholly unnatural!

I ache a lot now. Not sure I really want to say it, but more tomorrow is inevitable!

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Today’s shoes: Silver/Yellow Kayano 17s
Miles today: 20.00
Target: 1026
Miles to date: 1523.03
“You only get to negatively affect your DNA.”
Manciata’s explanation for why some people can’t run a marathon.

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