Day 349 – Gold it is…and I had an okay day too

A Gold for Mo Farah. Well done Mo. I was all for an early run today until I realised the 5000m was on at 11:30 ish. I had to wait.

For a short while I though Mo was out of sorts, he seemed to spend the first couple of laps at the very back of the group. Something that didn’t look right. All was well by the last couple though as he took the front and held it right to the line.

In true football fan style, when they suddenly believe they’re Beckham, off I went for a run.

For the first mile or two I just couldn’t decide what to aim for. I had 17 miles in mind and I had 7 min/mile as a target too. The two don’t necessarily go together in my world though. I resolved to try and run a sub seven pace for as long as I could hold it and managed 7 miles, including the now traditional first mile with a short steep climb.

At 7 miles I found myself at the petrol station of a certain big supermarket chain in Macclesfield and spent a few minutes buying a drink to help me further on the way. It appears the idea of customer service, or even of a smile is lost on this particular pocket of the empire. Lovely. I can recommend it in the event you find yourself having too good a day. Just pop in and I’m sure they’ll do all they can to make you feel rubbish by the time you leave 😉

Anyway, a couple of minutes finishing off another bottle and stretching and off I went for the return journey.

The first mile of the return was quite an uphill stretch and this is where I dropped my prior consecutive sub 7 mile record with a 7:02. I worked out that a sevens, a half marathon comes in around 1h31 so it seemed a good target to go for. I also reckoned I’d gained a few seconds on each mile, bar the last one, and could be closer to 1h30 if I got a move on.

13.1 miles ticked over at… would you believe it… 1h30m00s on the button.

I decided to stop and walk the last mile home. I wimped out, yes, but given the twelfth mile was a 6m39s and the thirteenth mile was an amazing 6m19s I figured I’d do myself no favours by trying to carry on. I’m happy with that.

More tomorrow…

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Today’s shoes: White/Blue Kayano 17s
Miles today: 13.10
Target: 1047
Miles to date: 1554.70
“No one competes with the reckless abandon they should. What is a race? A race is a complete all out effort. With a few exceptions, runners run hard, (or think they are running hard) but the races are too controlled. When was the last time you saw an American distance runner finish a race and then collapse on the ground? Ten, fifteen years? I’d personally rather watch someone who runs his guts out, throws his breakfast up and passes out at the end of the race.”
John Schiefer

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