Day 351 – What a wet day!

It’s a Tuesday and we’re in Westminster tonight. I arrived at Waterloo this morning to find it hammering down with rain. It’s been raining heavily all day. David and I dodged the rain showers to manage 5 miles around Westminster/Lambeth Bridge/Battersea.

I received the following email from Michelle last night, in response to mine suggesting that they could easily make me sound like a drama queen when they say the 3 miles a day challenge is easy!

Hey Andy – no worries about the donation – just putting money where our feet are…

Here’s a MapMyRun link to what will be our standard run from home – David will get bored and do various tangents, and probably do some at the gym too, but I’m more likely to just pound the same route for most of the time. We generally do the Bay Run on Sundays, which is a 7km local run, as it says, around a bay – as busy as Piccadilly some days! I’ll do a map of that another time so you can load it.

Yes, I’ll be setting the clock nice and early for tomorrow and we’ll be off. And I’ll try to do some pics too.

At least we are nearly light at 5.30am, which will help, as I am going to try to do it in the morning. Usually I run after work, but the consistency of this makes the mornings a better option. Like you, we have a planned run in the middle of it – David is doing a half, and I am doing a 9km on the 18th in the Sydney Running Festival.

Of course you will sound like a drama queen! Like we are going to complain about a little trot around the block? The cupboard is loaded with ibuprofen, aspirin and glucosamine, and David is swearing by the benefits of porridge. Stay tuned.



Looking forward to being proved wrong on how difficult this is 😉

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Today’s shoes: White/Blue Kayano 17s
Miles today: 5.00
Target: 1053
Miles to date: 1564.31
“Nothing’s better than the wind to your back, the sun in front of you, and your friends beside you.”
Aaron Douglas Trimble

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