Day 352 – In many ways, today has not been my day. Result: A naked runner

I arrived at the club flustered, annoyed and having forgotten several things. I’m a ‘routine’ runner. What I mean is I’m a creature of habit, I need to go through a series of pre-run stages (rituals, some may say!) before I’m comfortable and ready to run. One of them is putting my running cap on. Dave arrived at the club and said “Andy, you’ve forgotten something!” I knew, I’d realised a minute before. No running cap. I feel a bit naked without it, I have to say. It’s become the way to spot me in a crowd of similar looking runners. It’s a target for some serious mickey taking at work. It looks terrible but serves several functions so I don’t care! I’m not comfortable without it and now I know that for sure.

This evening was a club training/get to know new people session before the group split into pace groups and went off to do a bit more. The warm-up session consisted of several laps of run-jog-run-jog changes over about 50-70 metres, paired with other runners. It’s fun to chat to other people and run at a more relaxed pace. You only really usually meet people in your own pace group so it’s nice to have an excuse to meet the others.

I then went out with a few of the usual suspects for a few miles more. Dave managed to lead us down more alleyways than I thought existed. Repeatedly I realised where we’d ended up, but had no clue how we’d got there. Thanks for the superb navigation Dave! The seventh mile pacing was taken on by Nick and he pushed us to a 6:30 ish mile. The final half a mile was over in no time due to a sub 6 min pace. Quite some finish by Nick and I tried my best to chase him down to the finish, but just couldn’t catch him! Good run guys, thanks.

Something someone said to me earlier today made me think of the appropriate subject for today’s qotd. I needed something that suggested that giving up on your target, just because someone made a comment that unsettled you, would be silly. So I won’t. Plough on…

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Today’s shoes: White/Blue Kayano 17s
Miles today: 7.55+1.13=8.68
Target: 1056
Miles to date: 1572.99
“You have to have confidence in your ability, and then be tough enough to follow through.”
Rosalynn Carter

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