Day 353 – Run hard, be strong, think big…

…especially when it hurts!

I’m making it difficult again today. It’s a rest day. So I ran 5, including a couple of fast half miles.

I was explaining to Ed last night at the club run that I’m going to finish on about 1,650 miles. I’d rather end on a big number like 1700. In fact, I’d rather finish on 1600 having just managed it, but as it is, I’m likely to finish the 365 days in a mileage no man’s land. To hit 1700 is an average of 10 miles a day for 12 days. I don’t think so! Sixteen hundred and something will have to do…

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Today’s shoes: White/Blue Kayano 17s
Miles today: 5.01
Target: 1059
Miles to date: 1578.00
“Run hard, be strong, think big.”
Percy Cerutty

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