Day 354 – 11 days and counting. We’ve been on a recruitment drive ;-)

With a mere 11 days until my 365th day, it seems only right to reveal what happens next…I’m quite excited by it all!

The following list of people; Neil, Helen, Jamie and Irene have all volunteered to take on the 1095 miles challenge! I’m going to leave it to each of them individually to introduce themselves, but I’d like to personally welcome them to the challenge and, as James put it, to the 1095miles challenge hall of fame! The very best of luck from me. You’ll be hearing from each member of our new group of runners over the next few days. Like I promised, the blog will be buzzing with activity in just a few days time…

Anyway, the quote of the day is for each of our new recruits. And for me, a bit. Taking on a challenge (and I mean a real challenge, one that actually challenges you) does change you. (That’s why I need to find something else to have a bash at now!)

And now to the run…I went out today using the Mizunos I’ve recently bought. I’ve been struggling with them because the heel-toe delta is so small compared with the Kayano’s I’m used to (heel-toe delta is the height difference between the heel and toe sections of the shoe). I’ve put a 2mm gel heel insert in there now and they’re much better.

I went out with the intention of a minimum of four mile (and if possible a five mile) run at lunchtime. I ended up running nine miles. Not sure why. I just felt like I was having a good running day and figured I’d keep going. I took in Gun Hill again, a tour of Aldershot and a bit of Caesar’s camp for some off roading!

Then I sat down to some more work., experienced my PC explode on me (genuinely, the video card blew four capacitors!), had a spot of lunch and then decided to go for a run :-)

I donned some Kayanos this time and covered another three miles this evening.

Needless to say, tomorrow I’m not racing, just taking part. I’m very tempted to run with my workmates and try and push them a bit, see how fast they can go. All depends on who is going to be there though I suppose. If there’s anyone from the club, I’ll be duty bound to try and keep up!

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Today’s shoes: Mizuno Wave Alchemy 10s (9.05m) / Blue/White Kayano 17s (3.07m)
Miles today: 9.05+3.07=12.12
Target: 1062
Miles to date: 1590.12
“You only ever grow as a human being if you’re outside your comfort zone.”
Percy Cerutty

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