SiS Go Gel – Blackcurrant

The blurb:
SiS Go Gels are carbohydrate gel with sweeteners and don’t need to be consumed with water to be effective.

The numbers:
60ml gives you…
87 kcal and 22g carbohydrate

The reality:
Tearing the top off is hard work, the packaging is very thick compared to some others. I can see it would be annoyingly difficult during a race.
This one tastes quite horrible to my personal palate. You can tell it has lots of water in it as it’s quite a watered down blackcurrant taste.

Easily found in many running and other sport stores is a plus, but only if you like them! They’re not for me. The combination of fiddly packaging and unpalatable taste means I won’t be packing these in my kit bag!

Rating: 1/5

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