Day 364 – Falling short, right at the last hurdle…

I stayed in Darlington last night on account of having to be in the Darlington office this morning. My colleague James and I had planned a 7am run – I’d explained this was the penultimate day of my running year and so clearly a once in a lifetime opportunity for him 😉

I hadn’t factored in the few beers the night before, on top of the half marathon. I felt horrible this morning. Certainly one of my worst days for an early morning run, but it had to be done, for another couple of days anyway!

This morning my legs ached a lot. What keeps me going is knowing that the end is well and truly in sight. Tomorrow in fact. Wow.

It was cold, a bit wet and frankly not too pleasant as running goes. We headed off down the road in a direction I don’t profess to know, arriving at a roundabout upon which we struggled to find any other path than the one we had arrived on. Cue a U-turn and a bit of bumbling about to make sure we clocked up 3 miles. Thanks to James for joining me and I actually started to feel a bit better as we got going.

So, this is it then, 364 days, one more to go, I never thought I’d be here but I made it. Assuming nothing happens to me between now and 18:30 tomorrow, I have done it.

Those of you who have been keeping an eye on the mileage will notice the problem I am now faced with. My mileage over the last couple of weeks has sky-rocketed, but it hasn’t been enough to get me to 1700 miles. Short of nearly 20 miles tomorrow, I’m going to be a little shy of the crazy target I set just a fortnight ago. Shame.

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Today’s shoes: Lime and Blue Kayano 17s
Miles today: 3.20
Target: 1092
Miles to date: 1681.59
“Life is short… running makes it seem longer.”
Baron Hansen

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