Day 37 – It’s getting cooler

I think it’s rained here everyday for the last couple of weeks and it’s definitely getting cooler. The air temperature was about 8°C but with the heavy, persistent rain, that feels a good 3° cooler. Pretty close to perfect for running, in my book! The rain eased about half way through, so the rain jacket came off and I finished in my base layer. I must say, I do love my base layer. It’s a long sleeve Merino wool base layer from Howies and I’ve worn it for pretty much every one of the runs in this challenge (I wash it regularly!). I’d have to say it’s favourite piece of sportswear that I own.

Today’s shoes: Green Salomon XA Pro 3Ds
Miles today: 3.14
Miles to date: 119.68
Miles to go: 975.32

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