Day 41 – The 25-hour day

I’ve not had much luck convincing my friends to occasionally join me on these daily runs. I’m usually greeted with a very quizzical “Why?” when I describe what I’m doing here. My justifications are typically followed by a lot of “you’re crazy”, “why would you put yourself through that?” kind of negative talk. However, I had a break-through this morning with a new friend. When I explained why I’m doing it, I got my first-ever positive response! So ner-ner to the negative nellies.

The big night out I’d planned was a success and turned into an all-nighter. The transition from British Summer Time to GMT certainly helped make the partying last a little bit longer. I was out until about 4am, but wisely made the choice to switch to water after a couple of social drinkies. The sun was just starting to come up when I finally got to bed. I was awake again 3 hours later and feeling quite spritely, which is a lot better than my friends who lay around moaning and groaning under the influence of their own excesses.

Today’s shoes: Green Salomon XA Pro 3D
Miles today: 3.19
Miles to date: 132.35
Miles to go: 962.65

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