The End of the Road

I’m really sad to say this, but this is the end of the challenge for me.

I went to the hospital this afternoon to (finally) get my leg checked out. I’ve been limping now for about 2-3 weeks and while it had got noticeably better, the weather has gotten a lot colder this week and so has the limping. Out of concern that it might be a micro-fracture in my tibia, I figured it best to seek some medical advise.

I got x-rayed and they showed no signs of micro-fractures. The doctor reckons it’s shin splints. No running for at least a week and a good dose of Ibuprofen and Co-codamol are the order of the day. I need to give my leg the time it needs to repair itself.

I’m very glad I’ve had the opportunity to at least attempt this challenge and it’s frustrating, to put it mildly, that my body has given up so soon. We’ll be having some severe words.

Irene, Steve: keep on running!

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