Two down and a special three miles…

Well it looks like our champs are dropping like flies. Helen disappeared a couple of weeks ago and despite my trying to contact her several times, I’ve heard nothing from her. I hope she is okay.
Neil on the other hand has had to pull out with shin splints – a crying shame. I got them really bad when I did the challenge and managed somehow, with the help of an excellent sports masseuse to run through them and come back stronger. But I know how painful they can be and I wouldn’t blame anyone for stopping under the circumstances.
Which leaves just Steve and Irene on the trail… good luck guys, you are going to need it…

I was in the US last week and managed to run/walk a portion of the Bright Angel Trail that drops into the Grand Canyon – an amazing trail as you descend into the heat of the Canyon from the Grand Canyon Village on the South Rim. Apparently, some 250 people are rescued here every year trying to get to the bottom of the canyon and back again in a day… Which is why my running pal David and I have decided to try and do the Rim to Rim to Rim run in April.

It’s not an official race, anyone can do it… if you can manage 42 miles with a combined elevation rise and fall of about 20,000ft!

The map looks crazy – like a kid with a red pen scrawled all over. Switch to satellite view for a better idea of what it looks like… but that still is nowhere near how cool it really is!

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