1095miles.com in this month’s Runner’s World

If you saw the article in Runner’s World this month and want to take up the 1095miles challenge – three miles a day every day for a year with no day’s off. Please email us you can contact us by clicking here. Please give us a¬†little bit of your running history. It’s tough but doable.

If you’re inspired by James’s story and want some advice on physical fitness, please see www.jamesellisfitness.com for details



  1. Paul Owen says:

    Hi James

    Just read your article in RW. Great stuff and really well done. I’m on a year streak as well, running at least 3 miles and aiming for 2500 miles for the year. Bang on halfway right now. Great to know there are other’s like me out there as well. I have been blogging away on my own blog above. Check it out. It was a really good article in RW. Top stuff and well done

  2. Joe says:

    Great idea Aoife. Great way of motivating yourself to get out there. Doing 3 miles will be a doddle for you but it is the doing it every single day might catch you out so focus on making sure you get out there. xo