Day 348 – Another One Bites The Dust

Tonight was an uneventful run, I didn’t really have any sort of pace and I just kind of went round.

I know that these days exist and I think they might be the norm for the next couple of weeks as I am now really looking forward to this being over as I think I have run enough now for a while at least.

I have found that as I get nearer the end there seems to be a bit of pressure on each run which wasn’t there before, I understand why the pressure is there, it’s because the end is so close and if something were to happen now it would make all that had gone before a waste. I need to keep a positive outlook on things.

Miles Today: 3.13 (5.04km)
Miles Completed: 1241.08 (1997.32km)
Miles To Go: -146.08 (-235.12km)
Shoes: Saucony Omni Grid 10

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