Day 349 – One More Evening Trail Run

I tried it again tonight, and was just about able to fit in an evening trail run. The sky was still blue when I sent out although the sun had disappeared.

The difference tonight was that rather than come back through the woods on the return section of the route I decided to go along through the fields, this made a huge difference as I could see where I was going!

The pace tonight was best described as relaxed and to be honest it felt about right, could have gone much harder but simply didn’t see the need.

There is one think I have been meaning to mention for a while now, and that is my Road ID band. Now for those that don’t know Road ID are a company who make a wrist band on to which they engrave some of your details and emergency contact numbers incase something should happen to you whilst you are out. Whilst I have not had the need to make use of it I now never run or cycle without it just incase. IF you are interested go have a look at their web site here

Miles Today: 3.29 (5.29km)
Miles Completed: 1244.36 (2002.61km)
Miles To Go: -149.36 (-240.41km)
Shoes: Saloman XA Pro 3D Ultra 2

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